Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How does Coventry Community 19 work?

Courtesy of CCC
There are 18 wards in Coventry: Bablake, Binley and Willenhall, Cheylesmore, Earlsdon, Foleshill, Henley, Holbrook, Longford, Lower Stoke, Radford, Sherbourne, St Michael's Upper Stoke, Wainbody, Westwood, Whoberley, Woodlands and Wyken.

Just pick where you live and decide what you want to say about it. So, if you live in Cheylesmore and have some photos, the odd video or want to tell community there is an event coming up, then jus email and ask to be added to the approved set of authors of Coventry Community 19.

If there are already some community websites in your area let us know and we can link to them. Here at cc19, we are going to start everyone off with a post about each area and what we know. Coventry City Council have produced a page on each ward.

After the people who live in these areas, we have the people who try their best to help. These include Police, Fire, Medical, Council, Leisure and Businesses. For many busy people on the move in Coventry, starting a blog like this one requires a lot of time to set it and run. But now, it doesn't have to as you will receive a login and screen to post what you feel like.

For those concerned about content that is unsuitable, then that's how Wikipedia works. When someone posts a page, someone else receives an email saying it's there. If inappropriate, it get deletes and the author is no more.

Next up, is what the edit screen looks like... remember to email and be one of the 100. 

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